From Blossom to Peach: how a peach forms

July is when the first peaches of the season are being harvested.  In 2015, I planted the white flesh peach variety Stark Saturn Donut in a fabric pot and overwintered it in the garage.  This March I eagerly watched as the buds swelled and the flowers emerged.  The tree was still too young to bear fruit successfully, but I found it interesting to watch the peaches begin to form.

I found myself asking: how will I know if the flower has properly been pollinated and what is the first sign of a peach forming?

The below photo timeline shows the following stages:  (1) Bud Swell,  (2) Pink Tips,  (3) Blossom,  (4) Bloom, (5) Petal Drop, (6) Shuck Shedding, and (7) Peach Growth.

 (1) Bud Swell   (2) Pink Tip   (3) Blossom


(2) Pink Tip: Close-Up


(3) Blossom: Beginning to Open


(4) Bloom: First Flower Opens (It loved being in the sun!)


(4) Bloom: Full Bloom


(5) Petal Drop


(5) Petal Drop


(6) As the Peach Grows, the Shuck is Shed. The Shuck is the pink colored anthers. It can take a week to see this stage.


(7) Peach Growth: It’s now Shuck free!


(7) Peach Growth: first signs of color changing…

…but then the tree dropped all of its peaches.  The tree was too young to bear fruit, but it was still fascinating. I’m looking forward to next year. I’ve also added some heirloom peach trees from the 1800s to Livi Lou Garden, so keep an eye out for those in next few years.

Below is a photo of an immature peach cut in half.  It looks like an avocado.




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